Okay so with all the Location Based Service (Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, Yelp and the 8 million more that may pop up) I have yet to see anyone give away anything tangible!  I mean come on this is your chance to reward your customers with more than a badge or free whatever and a percentage off.  You have true brand ambassadors visiting your location so give them something tangible to take away and make it social!

Okay so let me explain, your favorite Coffee Shop (Starbucks or not gasp!  I love Strawberries & Cream Frappuccinos!) gives you a “Limited Edition” Tumbler for checking in so many times in a 30 day period and not only do you get a branded tumbler but each visit after that get’s you a free refill if you bring in your “Tumbler”.  What about tee shirts, caps, bumper stickers, flip-flops (I would slap a bumper sticker on my car that says I checked in so many times and I’m the Mayor, hell yeah representing!  Your tee shirts with your logo on the front and Mayor symbol on the back)  Of course you then get your mug shot, I mean picture snapped and plastered on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks touting your SCHWAG!

What about a “Group Check-in”, bring 2 or more friends and get some “Schwag” and a great deal!  It’s so easy to build on the “Schwag” factor, for example wear your tee-shirt and get a free appetizer promotion.  With the weather heating up radio stations are doing live broadcast and can give away “Schwag” for checking-in to their broadcast.

Other ways to make your regulars feel special, mark off certain areas of your establishment with signage (table tents) that reads “Our Mayor Sits Here” or something along that verbage.

Well, I hope I gave you some ideas for some great “Location Based Promotions”, call or email me to discuss your next project!